Day: June 5, 2023

How to Make Money in MMA Betting

Mma has become a major sport in recent years. Once the domain of boxing, MMA has exploded onto the scene and captured the attention of fight fans across the country. The growth of this sport has led to an increase in mma betting.

Betting on MMA is different than betting on other sports. Unlike soccer or basketball, where a team’s performance affects the odds of a bet, MMA is an individual sport and one lucky punch can dramatically change a fighter’s chance to win. This makes MMA betting more volatile and risk-prone.

Despite this, there is still plenty of value to be found. As an MMA bettor, you should always take the time to analyze a fight and make sound wagers. It’s also important to be selective and only place a bet on the fights you’ve done the most research on.

Prop bets are another way to make money when betting on a MMA fight. These bets are placed on specific events that occur in a fight and can include things like who will get the first knockdown or whether the fighters will touch gloves. These types of bets require more research than standard bets, but can lead to much larger payouts.

In addition to moneyline bets, MMA fights feature several other betting markets such as round and method of victory bets. Method of victory wagers predict how a fight will end by KO, TKO, submission or decision. This type of bet requires more research than standard moneyline bets, but can result in a bigger payout if the fighter you bet on wins by a technical knockout or submission.

It’s also important to pay close attention to a fighter’s record and how they’ve performed against opponents in the same weight class. Many bettors try to do what’s called “MMA Math,” where they compare the records of two fighters and assume that a fighter with more wins should beat a fighter with fewer victories. This kind of analysis is often flawed and takes away from the more important task of analyzing a fighter’s style and studying their fight film.

The over/under total in MMA betting is a bet on the number of rounds that a fight will last. Oddsmakers set the over/under total based on the matchup, styles of the combatants and how long they expect a fight to last.

The over/under bet is a popular MMA betting market, but you should always shop around for the best prices. With the rise in regulated sportsbooks, you can easily find better pricing on this bet than you would at a traditional bookmaker. When you do, make sure to read the odds carefully – the underdog’s odds have a plus sign while the favorites have a minus (-) sign. This can help you determine which bets to take and which ones to avoid. BetMGM offers a wide range of MMA betting markets, including fun prop bets such as ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ where you can place a wager on either fighter to finish the fight within that time frame.

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